Storing Items the Smart Way

Renting a Storage Unit Soon? Use These 3 Things in Your Home to Help With Organization

by Timmothy Pena

The most common way to organize your possessions is to put them in a box or plastic bin. Boxes are nice because they are stackable and can handle a considerable amount of weight before caving in. Plastic bins are not as strong, but you should still be able to stack them a few layers high and you can see inside them.

If you are getting ready to rent a storage unit because you are lacking the space inside your home, you are likely trying to come up with ways that you can organize your items to avoid a cluttered space. It is ideal to get a little creative and make use of what you already have to organize your belongings.

Shipping Boxes

Instead of going out and buying moving boxes, you can just use the boxes that get shipped to you. Over the next few weeks, save every box that you get when you order things online. This may be the perfect time to catch up on items that you have been wanting to buy online as it will get you free boxes. While the boxes may not be uniform in shape and size, you can stack the largest boxes on the bottom. If you need more boxes, you can also ask family and friends to save theirs and you can pick them up.

Mason Jars

Another thing that you can use for organizing small items is mason jars. When you buy these jars, they typically come in a set of 12, 16, or 20, so it is not uncommon to have extras sitting around. Having the lids that come with them is even better because it allows you to put almost anything inside them. It is a perfect place to put hardware, toys, and cables without letting them loose in a box.

Food Jars and Cans

Although mason jars make an excellent item for storing things that are on the small side, you should not forget about the jars and cans that you get when you purchase salsa, pasta sauce, coffee, and more. You can use large coffee containers for things that are too large to fit in a mason jar or food can. It is ideal when you have a variety of sizes to choose from to avoid empty space in each container that you use.

Using things in your house with these tips will help you save time and money when renting a storage unit. To learn more storage tips, contact services like Discount Storage.