Storing Items the Smart Way

Why Every Family Home Should Have an Off-Site Storage Unit

by Timmothy Pena

When it comes to storage space, a lot of homes struggle to keep up with the amount of belongings they eventually accrue. Whether that is large amounts of furniture, old pieces of technology that have been replaced, clothes that are out of season, or whatever else, it can be difficult to store all the belongings that you still have a use for, but just don't need at this exact time. Luckily, there is a solution that every family should be taking advantage of. Here are a few reasons why every family household should keep at least one or two residential storage units.

Store Copies of Important Documents Off-Site

One of the primary reasons why you should have an off-site storage space and not just keep everything tucked away in your crawl space or attic, is that if something bad happens and your home becomes unsafe, you still have a place to store valuable documents you may need. For example, in the event of a fire, you will still need documents like your birth certificate, passports, deeds to the property, insurance forms, and so on. Keeping a copy of the original of all of those in a storage unit off-site is just a practical step everyone should take to protect themselves and their family.

Keeping Old Sentimental Items

As your children grow up and you make more and more memories as a family, you will no doubt end up having an abundance of sentimental and important items that carry a lot of memories with them. From paintings and drawings to their first shoes or their favorite toy, it is hard to throw those things out, but it is also equally difficult to find room for them in your home. Seeing as you will likely not look at them or reminisce over them for at least a decade, if not more, keeping them in an off-site storage unit is a good plan.

Items You Are Unsure About

Sometimes you will have a few belongings that you simply aren't sure whether or not you will need in the future. While some people take a blanket approach of "If I haven't used it in six months, I get rid of it or donate it," this is not always the most pragmatic option. Keeping a residential storage unit to house these items as you decide whether or not you need them gives you a longer time frame and helps really put into perspective whether or not you absolutely need those items or not. If you are building up a collection of items that you aren't sure whether you will need in the future or not, then house them in a storage unit and declutter your home. 

To learn more, visit a residential storage facility.