Storing Items the Smart Way

So How Do You Store Your Taxidermy Collection Anyway?

by Timmothy Pena

Taxidermy mounts are one of kind trophy that's impossible to replace. When you need to place them in storage, you want to know that they're stored correctly. It can be hard to know how to store them properly, but with a little know-how, you'll be able to store your trophies with confidence.

In A Crate

When it comes times to store your hunting trophy, you'll want to ditch any notion of storing it in a plastic bag. Taxidermy mounts need to breathe, and plastic doesn't do them any favors. Instead you want to store your mounts in individual wooden crates. You can build these yourself or taxidermists usually offer them for sale. If you happen to get crates made of cedar, they'll double as a form of pest control.

To store your taxidermy trophy in a crate, you want it just large enough to be able to fit the trophy and to be able to mount the taxidermy to the wood of the crate. Doing this will keep your mount stable during storage and allow it to breathe properly. When you're done, seal up the crate with some screws or other hardware and you're done.

With Desiccant

You know those little silica packets you find everywhere? You're going to need to shove a few of those in the crate before you seal it. The number one enemy of taxidermy mounts is excessive moisture. When your mounts are exposed to excessive moisture, they'll begin to rot and break down, and no one wants to open a crate full of that. Desiccant packets are widely available and it's easy to find one an appropriate size to tackle your humidity needs.

When you store your mounts, you can place a hydrometer in the room to monitor the humidity levels. For taxidermy storage you want to make sure that the humidity levels don't exceed 60 percent.

If you're extra concerned about moisture getting to your trophies, consider getting some pallets to store your crates on. The pallets provide insurance against any mild flooding that could occur while your taxidermy is in storage.

Somewhere Climate Controlled

If humidity is the number one enemy of taxidermy storage, then heat is number too. Excessive heat in a storage unit can make your mount turn yellow. Leave it in excessive heat for too long, and your mount will lose all its hair. To prevent heat damage to your mount you should choose a climate controlled storage facility over an uncontrolled environment. 

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