Storing Items the Smart Way

Looking For Top-Notch Storage? Look For Premium Features

by Timmothy Pena

While living in your first or second apartment, you may have a lot of furniture and belongings that you bought used or were able to get for free from family and friend. So, you may not be too worried about their longevity because you intend on replacing everything in the future. In this case, renting a non-climate-controlled storage unit may not be an issue due to its affordability.

This situation is a lot different when you have valuable possessions and furniture collections that you intend on keeping and maintaining for your entire life. If you need a storage unit, you should look for premium features that will make it easy to use and give you peace of mind every day.

Individual Unit Alarms

An excellent feature to prioritize is individual unit alarms. In a situation without these alarms, the only thing that may be noticeable is when someone breaks into the facility itself. But, this does not stop other renters or employees from being able to get into a storage unit. Having an alarm on the unit will prevent this from happening because any attempted break-in is detected.

This will minimize the chance that someone is able to steal your items successfully. Also, if your items are protected under your home insurance policy, having substantial protection on your items will help you avoid a situation in which you have to file a claim due to stolen possessions.

Freight Elevators

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor storage facility, many of them will be multiple floors. Without a freight elevator, you will have a difficult time bringing large possessions. So, you want to prioritize storage facilities that have freight elevators to use for easy delivering. This will minimize the chance of your furniture and items taking damage when putting them in storage.

Wide Driveways

When you look at storage facilities online or in person, you may want to prioritize those with wide driveways. This is an easy feature to go unnoticed when you are looking at an empty storage complex. But, when you have dozens of people accessing their storage unit at the same time, the roads can get congested and make it difficult for you to maneuver around in your vehicle.

If you want to have the best experience with renting a storage unit when you are transporting valuable possessions, you should look for these premium features to avoid complications. Contact a company like Haggard Mini Storage for more information and assistance.