Storing Items the Smart Way

The Pod People: Science Fiction Meets Real-World Storage

by Timmothy Pena

The late '70's and early '80's brought everyone some of the weirdest science fiction and alien movies ever. One such movie, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, was a cross between alien science fiction and horror, a genre sub-category that would later give you horrific alien takeover movies that made your blood chill in your veins. This particular movie, however, featured something very different from other movies; pod people. The alien pods would draw genetic material from sleeping human victims, and then perfectly reproduce SIX copies of the victim. These became known as "pod people." 

Fast forward forty years, and there are real pod people, but not in the sense of anything alien or unholy. No, instead, these pod people offer a valuable service that is neither scary to use, nor will it cost you your life. They offer mobile storage pods, and the mobile storage company (or companies) deliver the pods right to your door. Here is more on this comforting, non-invasive, and non-threatening pod service.

Go Online and Order Your Pod 

You can pick any size pod that the company has available. Most of them offer a standard size pod that is about eight feet by ten feet, but there are also ten by twelve feet pods, ten by fourteen feet pods, etc. Order the size of storage pod you think you will need. Just keep in mind that the smallest of these pods are about the size of a small garage, and you should be able to pick the right pod for your needs. Then make the first month's payment and schedule a delivery date.

Wait for the Pod People to Deliver

On the delivery date that you scheduled, you must be at home to receive your pod and direct the pod people.  Show them where to deposit your pod. Then they lower their unique pod skid transportation system to the ground, pull away, and leave your pod right there. Sign your paperwork stating you received your mobile pod storage unit, and then it is yours to start filling. 

Fill the Pod and Move It to a Warehouse

Next, fill the storage pod with everything you want to put into storage. If you are moving, that might be absolutely everything in the house. If you are just decluttering, that might be all of the extra stuff you have laying around in boxes. Then schedule a pick-up time with the pod people. They come and pick up your pod and store it in their special pod warehouse. Out-of-sight, out of mind until you want to retrieve something from the pod.