Storing Items the Smart Way

4 Reasons Why The Smartest Secret Santas Use Self-Storage For The Holidays

by Timmothy Pena

No matter how your family celebrates the season, there's a good chance your home is crowded during the holidays, with many packages shrouded in secrecy. You have endless boxes of decorations, countless boxes to wrap, and lots of things to keep under wraps, all of which may be impossible to do from within your home and surrounded by prying eyes. That's why the smartest Secret Santas use self-storage, for the holidays and beyond, and why you should too.

1. It's The Best Place To Hide Secret Gifts

Are you tired of the kids finding your hiding spaces around the house? Do they shake everything, trying to figure out what you bought them? Maybe you simply don't have the closet space to store all those different size packages, without displacing everything you already own. Keeping secrets safe is a challenge during the holidays, but not when you have your own private place under lock-and-key; not when there's a little hideaway that only you know about and only you have access to.

2. Self-Storage Is A Convenient Place To Wrap

Do you have to wait until you're the only one home to wrap presents? Maybe you have to stay up until after the kids (and your spouse) have gone to sleep, making the day extra-long for you. Wrapping is a tedious task, best done under relaxed circumstances, not when you're half-awake or cowering in a dark corner, trying to keep your gifts a surprise. Why not rent a storage unit with heating and lighting, and bring a folding chair? You can take your time, wrapping everything perfectly just the way you always want to, but never seem to have the time or patience to accomplish.

3. You Can Use It After You've Opened All Your Gifts (And Run Out Of Room!)

After the holidays, don't you usually have way more "stuff" than you have space? Your house is likely overflowing with cool things everyone got but have no place to put. What if someone who loves you splurges on that ergonomic chair you want for your home office or that bigger-than-last-year flat screen you're frothing over? 

Rather than letting your house be overrun with items that are extra, unwanted, or otherwise wasting space, plop them in your self-storage until a warm weather yard sale is appropriate, or you decide to sell the items online. You could also keep things in storage until someone you know who needs them can come pick them up.

4. You Can Use Your Secret Self-Storage All Year Long

Long after Rudolph has returned to the North Pole, you'll find plenty of practical uses for your self-storage, if you choose to keep it beyond your designated Secret Santa duties. People keep storage units indefinitely, for a nearly infinite list of reasons:

  • During home remodeling, when a temporary place is needed for furniture.
  • When moving to a new location, especially if the square footage of the new place mandates down-sizing.
  • If a relationship status changes, such as moving in with a significant other and not needing two of everything or a sudden breakup, when you have belongings, but no place for them.
  • When your adult child moves back in your home (again) and has no place for their furniture and other belongings.
  • After retirement, as you may have golf clubs, a kayak and other recreational toys that won't fit in your garage.
  • For seasonal storage, like the million boxes of decorations that fall on top of you every time you open the closet door in your bedroom.
  • If you and your family are simply running low on space around the house and don't want to dispose of or sell things.

Sure, the holidays can be hectic, but when you have your own self-storage space, everything is under control. You have a place to keep your secrets safe, a place to wrap them, somewhere to catch your breath, and even useful space you can take advantage of throughout the year until next season comes along again - all too quickly!

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