Storing Items the Smart Way

Securing Your Property When Using Office Suite Rentals

by Timmothy Pena

Office suite rentals are a great way to complete work while on the go. Rather than having to lease an office long term, you can lease an office for a day, a week, or even a month. As you travel, you may find yourself making a great deal of use out of rented office space. However, you need to be careful about security, especially if you work with confidential or personally identifiable information.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

It's easy to focus on digital security and forget about physical security as well. A hacker may not be able to break into your phone in a few minutes, but they could just take it with them and break into it at their leisure. Likewise, some significant security breaches have occurred not due to software issues, but because someone simply looked at someone's reflection while they typed in their bank account password. Be mindful of who is behind you.

Never Connect to Unsecured WiFi

Unsecured WiFi can easily lead to security breaches, as anyone could be on that WiFi connection looking at the data that is being transferred. Make sure that your WiFi has a password and don't use unsecured hot spots while in public.

Keep Your Devices Locked

Your smartphone, tablet, and laptop should all be set to lock if they're left idle. It's easy to step away from a desk when you're distracted, and someone else could take a look at your devices while you're away. Something as small as accessing your email account could potentially compromise your business accounts.

Use a Locking Briefcase

Your briefcase is going to become your file cabinet if you're traveling frequently. Either lock your briefcase with a key or find one with a combination lock; either way, make sure you lock away any personal or confidential information whenever you're transporting it. 

Shred Documents After Use

A document shredder is a perfect place for any sensitive information once you're done with it. Rather than keeping a large number of documents on hand, consider digitizing your most important files and shredding the paper copies. 

Office suite rentals are already very well secured; you mostly need to be conscientious about your documents when you move them. You can inquire with your office space company regarding additional security measures you can take. If you do feel as though your documents or technology could have been compromised, you can request a security tape review.