Storing Items the Smart Way

Tips For Keeping Your Electronic Equipment In A Storage Unit

by Timmothy Pena

If you own expensive electronics, such as computers and big-screen televisions, you may be concerned about keeping them in a storage unit. Electronic equipment can be damaged if the pieces are not protected from damage and extreme weather, but if you choose the right storage conditions and pack the equipment carefully, your things can come out of storage in as good shape as they went in. Here are a few tips that might help.

Take Photos Of Connections

If you're afraid hooking your equipment up when you get it out of storage will be a nightmare, then take photos or even videos of how your current computers and entertainment system are connected. You may want to buy colored labels so each cord and cable has a unique color code.

Take photos of the backs of the equipment showing how you have things hooked up. You can then follow the photos when you're connecting equipment in the future, and you should have fewer problems figuring out where everything goes.

Keep Cords In Plastic Bags

Remove cords and cables from the electronics and place them in plastic bags you can box up with the TV or computer. If you're using color-coded labels on the cords, also number the labels and number the equipment they belong to. If a sack ever gets separated from the equipment, you can refer to the numbers to match things back up.

Check Equipment Manuals

Check the manuals for storage advice. There may be a temperature range you need to keep your equipment in. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit so your electronics are not exposed to heat, cold temperatures, excess humidity, or condensation. The manuals may also offer advice on how to pack the equipment, especially if you no longer have the original boxes.

Protect Your Equipment In Storage

Use sturdy boxes with plenty of internal padding to protect the screens and internal electronic parts while you handle, move, and store your electronic equipment. Try not to stack electronics. Instead, place them in a protected area that's off the floor and away from other stacks of boxes that could fall and crush the electronics.

You might want to put a shelf in the storage unit so you can store the boxes of electronics on the shelves so they don't have to rest on each other and so they are protected from your other stored items. Although it may be tempting to place a box with a TV in it on your soft couch or easy chair, it's better to store the box on a shelf so the weight doesn't leave marks on the furniture.