Storing Items the Smart Way

3 Benefits of Industrial Shelving

by Timmothy Pena

If your company has grown in size and now requires a large warehouse for storage of various products, you may want to seriously consider the benefits of industrial shelving. While they can be a substantial initial investment, the ways in which they pay off are almost too numerous to list. Take a look below at just three of the biggest advantages to see if industrial shelving can improve the storage facilities of your company.

Limitless Versatility

Perhaps the biggest and most immediately apparent benefit of industrial shelving is the versatility they offer. Without shelving, your storage space presents only so many options, and many of them are likely severely limited. With shelving, however, you can configure your warehouse in a number of ways to help you and your company take advantage of whatever space you do have — large or small. Organizing space based on product dimensions and availability is almost always the first step in optimizing delivery, and the versatility of industrial shelving is key to making this happen. 

Increased Productivity

Once you have configured your industrial shelving units exactly the way you want, you will almost certainly notice a huge boost in major productivity metrics. Shelving inherently makes inventory both easier to locate and see, meaning warehouse employees can focus on getting the products your customers need out the door in record time. While this might only account for a matter of seconds in individual cases, the amount of time and money saved in the long run means that industrial shelving units often pay for themselves more quickly than expected.

Improved Safety

Every warehouse manager knows that although versatility and productivity are important factors in a successful warehouse, safety is what is truly paramount. To this end, properly installed industrial shelving units invariably make warehouses safer for everybody. Employees — especially those who are operating equipment — will find that heavy loads placed on industrial shelves are both easier and safer to access. This leads to improved confidence in the safety of the workplace environment, and in turn to a reduction in workplace accidents. Without shelving, the process of moving goods from one end of the warehouse to the other may be haphazard at best. On the other hand, taking advantage of the improvements in safety that industrial shelving offers can be a good decision for your growing company. 

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