Storing Items the Smart Way

Utilizing Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

by Timmothy Pena

Your choice of a storage unit can have a major impact on your ability to safely store items. Climate-controlled storage units can be an option that provides you with a safe and effective option, but there are some common myths that you may have heard over the years.

Myth: Climate-Controlled Storage Units Only Allow You To Manage Humidity

Being able to manage the humidity level in the storage unit is one of the most important benefits of climate-controlled options. Without being able to control the humidity, there are many items that could rapidly degrade in these facilities. However, these storage units will also give you the option of controlling the temperature inside the storage unit. This can allow you to store your items without fears of intense heat causing major damage to your possessions.

Myth: A Climate-Controlled Unit Will Always Be Very Large

Many individuals may assume that they will have to rent a very large storage unit to be able to gain access to climate-control capabilities. In reality, these storage units are available in a range of sizes. This can allow you to take advantage of this option without having to waste money by renting a much larger unit than you require. Not surprisingly, the size of storage units that are available to you will vary from one facility to another, and this can make it worthwhile to speak with several local facilities to find that the one that provides you with the best deal for the storage space that you require.

Myth: Climate-Controlled Storage Units Always Have More Restrictive Access Rules

It is common for climate-controlled storage facilities to be located in large buildings so that the HVAC systems can operate more efficiently. This may lead to a person assuming that these facilities will always have more restrictive access rules. In reality, it is common for these facilities to allow round-the-clock access to their clients. This can ensure that you will be able to get the items that you need regardless of the day of the week or the time. If you suspect that you will regularly need to access your items outside of normal business hours, you may wish to carefully review the access rules for the facility that you choose. For example, some may have an access code that can be used to enter the facility while others may require clients to use keys or access cards.