Storing Items the Smart Way

3 Traits to Look for When Renting a Storage Unit

by Timmothy Pena

If you need to rent a self-storage unit, you will want to rent one that meets your needs. To do that, there are certain traits you will want to look for.   


First, you will want to consider how accessible the unit is. Does the facility offer 24-hour access? Is it only open for certain hours each day? Are there any days of the week when you can't access your storage unit? Is the unit open on holidays.   

Check the availability of the storage unit and be sure that it meets your needs. Perhaps you only need a unit that you can access during the day, and you don't need a unit with 24-hour access. Or maybe you have an unpredictable schedule and need a unit with 24-hour access. Choose a facility with access that matches your lifestyle and needs.   


Second, you need to consider what size unit you need. The sizing for more storage units is really standard. Look up the size of units offered at a few storage units you are considering working with. Then, mark out that amount of space inside your home to get a feel of what that amount of space really looks like.   

From there, put some of your stuff inside the unit, and see if it works. If you are storing just a few things, the smallest size units will probably fit your needs. If you are storing furniture, such as a couch, you will need a larger storage unit so that you can easily fit the entire width or length of your item inside the storage unit.   


You want to be able to put your stuff in your storage unit, and essential not to have to think about it until you need to get it out. That can be achieved with a secure storage unit. You want to look for a facility where you feel like your stuff will be safe.   

Safety can be achieved in a number of ways. For a drive-up or walk-up facility, that means that the facility is fenced so that not just anyone can drive up and access the units. For any storage unit, that means monitored access, where you have to enter a code to gain access to the facility. 

Other things to look for are video monitoring of the facility and in-person surveillance. If the place is always being monitored, thieves are less likely to target it. Also, be sure that you are asked to provide your own lock for the unit. That way, you are the only person who has access to your specific unit.  

When it comes to looking for a storage unit, you will want to look for one that is easy for you to access, has units in the size you need, and offers the right level of security.