Storing Items the Smart Way

4 DIY Storage Tools For Packing Up Your Jewelry

by Timmothy Pena

Whether it's long-term or short-term, storage of your household belongings is meant to protect them until you can bring them home again. This makes the right storage methods vital to ensure that everything stays dry, unbroken, clean, and secure. 

One area that may need special attention is your jewelry collection. But the good news is that you don't need to break the bank finding specialty jewelry storage to achieve great results. In fact, you might even find some of the best protection right at home or in your grocery aisles. Here are a few of these simple items to add to your packing toolbox. 

1. Plastic Organizers

Head over to your local neighborhood craft or sewing store to find plastic organizers commonly used for beading, hand-made jewelry, or small crafts. These have many small sections you can use to separate jewelry items from one another, and they close and lock securely. 

2. Egg Cartons

Save your egg cartons to use as makeshift organizers. Line the cartons with a little cotton or packing paper, and place individual jewelry pieces in each section. This is a great tool for rings as well as bracelets. Place more packing material on top before taping the carton shut. 

3. Paper Straws

Need to keep your necklaces and bracelets from turning into a tangled mess? Grab some paper straws and empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls. Thread the chain through the roll and clasp it on the outside. Trim the rolls as necessary. This simple DIY tool will keep things safely separate. 

4. Sunglasses Cases

What about more unusually-shaped pieces that may not easily fit in standard store-bought organizers? Things like brooches, hair pieces, or costume jewelry may do better in a larger hard case. Consider sunglasses and eyeglasses cases filled with padding. 

4. Foam or Felt

Finally, what about the plethora of earrings many people accumulate in their jewelry box? Grab some felt or thin foam sheets and pierce them with the earrings. Cover the sheet of earrings with plastic wrap or slide them into large plastic bags for added security. 

Where to Start

No matter what the size or contents of your jewelry collection, careful preparation is key to everything surviving storage safe and sound. Start by talking with the storage professionals at a self-storage facility near you. They've helped clients just like you ensure the most success possible storing their stuff. They can help you too. Visit today to learn more tips and tricks.