Storing Items the Smart Way

  • 4 Reasons Why The Smartest Secret Santas Use Self-Storage For The Holidays

    20 November 2018

    No matter how your family celebrates the season, there's a good chance your home is crowded during the holidays, with many packages shrouded in secrecy. You have endless boxes of decorations, countless boxes to wrap, and lots of things to keep under wraps, all of which may be impossible to do from within your home and surrounded by prying eyes. That's why the smartest Secret Santas use self-storage, for the holidays and beyond, and why you should too.

  • The Pod People: Science Fiction Meets Real-World Storage

    3 August 2018

    The late '70's and early '80's brought everyone some of the weirdest science fiction and alien movies ever. One such movie, The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, was a cross between alien science fiction and horror, a genre sub-category that would later give you horrific alien takeover movies that made your blood chill in your veins. This particular movie, however, featured something very different from other movies; pod people. The alien pods would draw genetic material from sleeping human victims, and then perfectly reproduce SIX copies of the victim.

  • Three Tips To Prevent Mildew In Your Storage Unit

    19 April 2018

    Moisture is a major problem when you are storing anything. In a well maintained storage unit, the main causes of moisture will be from moisture you bring in or moisture from the humidity in the air. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help cut down on moisture issues. Tip #1: Only store completely dry items This may seem like common sense, but moisture has a way of sneaking into a storage unit and causing mildew.

  • Looking For Top-Notch Storage? Look For Premium Features

    27 February 2018

    While living in your first or second apartment, you may have a lot of furniture and belongings that you bought used or were able to get for free from family and friend. So, you may not be too worried about their longevity because you intend on replacing everything in the future. In this case, renting a non-climate-controlled storage unit may not be an issue due to its affordability. This situation is a lot different when you have valuable possessions and furniture collections that you intend on keeping and maintaining for your entire life.

  • So How Do You Store Your Taxidermy Collection Anyway?

    10 January 2018

    Taxidermy mounts are one of kind trophy that's impossible to replace. When you need to place them in storage, you want to know that they're stored correctly. It can be hard to know how to store them properly, but with a little know-how, you'll be able to store your trophies with confidence. In A Crate When it comes times to store your hunting trophy, you'll want to ditch any notion of storing it in a plastic bag.

  • Is Your House, Garage And Attic Unmanageable Because Of Storage Items? What To Do

    21 November 2017

    If you are out of space in your home and you don't have any more room to store kids clothes and toys, sporting equipment, dishes and items for special occasions at your home and more, it's time to look at your options. You can try to consolidate and save space by changing the way that you store things, and by getting some of the items that you need to keep out of your home.

  • 3-Step Guide To Preparing Your Refrigerator For Self Storage

    17 May 2017

    If you are moving to a new area, you may need to put all of your appliances in storage, including your refrigerator. If so, use the following three-step guide to prepare your refrigerator before you put it in a self-storage unit. Step 1:  Defrost And Drain The Appliance The first step involves making sure that all water is drained out of the appliance. After removing any food, unplug the unit, and let the freezer fully defrost.

  • 2 Tips To Prevent Gemstone Jewelry From Changing Color While In Storage

    4 May 2017

    If you collect jewelry, then it can be easy to amass a small collection of pieces within a short amount of time. This is even truer when it comes to gemstone jewelry. A variety of different pieces can be created from gemstones, therefore, this makes them incredibly popular. In addition, this makes it easy to run out of space to store all of your pieces. If you do find yourself short on space, then renting a storage unit is the next best thing.

  • Four Ways To Save When Renting A Storage Unit

    13 April 2017

    There are almost certain to be times in your life when you need to store items during a move or put away things that you may later need, but that don't currently fit in your home. Storage facilities offer secure, sheltered locations for these items, but renting a storage unit can cost more than you think. However, there are some ways to keep costs manageable without compromising the condition of your things.

  • How To Store Your Handmade Bath And Body Products In A Storage Unit

    11 April 2017

    You may have decided to sell handmade bath and body products, or perhaps the demand from your customers has gotten so great that you have run out of room at your home to store them. You may have thought of renting a self storage unit to keep the excess products you have created, and this is a good idea, as long as you package and store them properly. How do you store your bath and body products to keep in a storage unit?